We developped Dancing Madness in 48h during the Global Game Jam 2017. The theme was "Waves" that could be understood as water waves but also waves in music. We decided to included the wave dancing move that is quite funny! As there is the word wave in Retro Wave Music, we just couldn't forget all the things that are connected to this music genre in terms of design, light etc.

The prototype

In a robot factory, you stack thousands and thousands of robots.
To do so, you have 3 inputs to control the position of their arms
and you have to match the robots so they can do the best synch wave dance
all together on a kickass Retro Wave music.

DancingMadness Le tuto

The tutorial

DancingMadness Pendant une partie

During a game

DancingMadness Le menu principale

The main menu

DancingMadness Le leader Board

The leaderboard

DancingMadness Les crédits

The credits

The development

DancingMadness management

Management / Outsourcing

DancingMadness prototypage

Prototyping / Dev

DancingMadness graph 3D

Graph 3D / Shader

The trailer